What being a chicken or rooster can do for you…
Just Us Chickens is a co-op that has been in Kittery for fourteen years. Over those years, friends have  been made, money has been made, and best of all,  this gallery has provided an attractive storefront,  open six days a week, staffed by a member, run by  members and kept aesthetically pleasing to the  public by a talented merchandiser. At JUC we have two levels of membership and two  levels of commissions from sales. A full member  works the desk 4 half day shifts per month.  Commission rate is 75% and a full member is  expected to attend monthly organization meetings  and take on a job in the management.  (housekeeping, publicity, tech services, event  coordinator, all the usual to help run an  organization. ) A part-time member does not work, receives a 60% commission, is encouraged to attend an annual meeting and attend occasional show  openings for guest artists. ALL members pay $20 a  month dues that helps defray the costs of rent,  utilities, supplies, advertising, fixtures, accountants and social media.
Being part of this team exposes everyone to  new ideas and connections that extends the  knowledge and opportunities for individual  artists in the art/craft world. New work is  subject to a jury that insures quality and  individualism in product diversity. For many of  us, it has been shows and fairs, using the co-op as a backup for income. Others prefer the day to day of having a gallery for very little financial  input and do a few shows where they get  customer feedback. It works both ways. If you  are looking to connect with fellow artists and be part of the team, come in and speak with our  members. We are always looking for new talent. JUC is an LLC, files a tax return every year, and provides artists with all the paperwork needed for the Internal Revenue Service if commissions exceed $600.
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